Collaborating with their in-house studio to make
existing pages work harder and drive more sales

YPO is the countries leading school equipment supplier and produce a significan number of catalogues every year. That means alot of money spent on print and postage. It of course makes
total sense to make sure their creative is
delivering. We worked with their in-house studio to make sure the most important publications have the attention to detail they deserve.

Pages for Budget Stretcher 2017 »

channels covered:

» catalogues
» inserts
» direct mail

« Pages for Budget Stretcher 2017

Page makeovers

Working as consultants for the in-house creative team at ypo. We took the pages already designed and lifted their impact significanty. Looking at each and every product in detail, making sure they looked dynamic and the features and benefits jumped off the page.

same space,
same products,
MORE impact.