Creative Design Services for
e-Commerce Companies.

Running a successful e-Commerce business means that you have got to constantly ensure that you stay ahead of your competitors, nurture your loyal customers, reach out to new ones and make sure that your brand is well-respected and thought of positively.

It is, therefore, imperative that you deliver a continuous marketing strategy that boosts your branding, captures people’s attention, reaches your intended audience and motivates people to act.

At Paper & Pixels, our talented and passionate team can help you with all aspects of creative to present your business to the world and make people sit up and take notice of it.

We have expertise and experience in crafting captivating copy, conceiving smart, impactful advertising campaigns and creating stunning images, web design, and photography to showcase your products and services in the very best light.

Our services include:

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in; the competition is likely to be fierce. To make sure you get the attention you deserve we will work with you to craft visually breathtaking, creative campaigns that combine eye-catching imagery and word wizardry that intrigues, engages and excites your audience and ultimately will work towards expanding your businesses as well as seeing those sales figures increase.

Catalogue Design

A good catalogue is all about showing off your products and services in a way that’s enticing, informative and demonstrates to your customers that you provide solutions to their problems. A fantastic layout, a logical structure, smart copy and of course, striking imagery all combine to create an inspiring and exciting piece of marketing material. We can ensure that your catalogue works hard for your business and gives you a great ROI.

Email design

An impactful email campaign is one that not only gets past the first hurdle of being opened and read but also catalyses action. Whether you want to spread brand awareness, improve your reach, boost your sales figures or get more traffic to your website, we can make sure your email campaigns are always successful.

Direct Mail design

To make sure your Direct Mail gets noticed, you need to invest in a design that will be distinctive while simultaneously delivering a strong message that persuades the reader to take an interest.

That interest must develop into intrigue and for intrigue to eventually lead them to take action. We specialise in creating powerful designs and compelling copy to ensure your Direct Mail campaigns stand out.

Insert & Door Drop Design

An insert or door drop design can be a useful way to showcase a particular product or service. We can ensure that the unique benefits, the USP and the visuals are all ideally displayed to make the material do its job and provide a high ROI.

Website design

For e-Commerce businesses, a beautifully designed, high-functioning website is absolutely critical. Our team can help with all aspects of web design to ensure your site not only carries and visual impact but takes your customers smoothly and seamlessly from the homepage to the checkout.

Example of our work with e-Commerce companies.

We’ve worked with Madeleine for over 4 years now, and were chosen to develop and produce all of their email creatives.

Because they’re a luxury brand with high quality, elegant products, we had to match this in the design of their newsletters and emails. Our goal was not only to introduce the brand to new customers, but share new products with current customers, which was a difficult balance to strike.

We feel we were able to do this with the creatives we produced.

Some of the people who believe in us.

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