Creative Design Services for Charities.

Here at Paper & Pixel, we work with charities to make their advertising campaigns more effective. Our team can help with all aspects of campaign creation such as devising compelling copy and producing striking imagery, as well as design and print services.

The work of charities is extremely important, and so gaining members or receiving more contributions is what drives our creatives. We find the best ways to promote the core values and messaging of your charity, spreading awareness to a wide range of people.

Our services include:

We understand the important work that charities do, and how imperative it is for them to keep looking for new funding sources, spreading awareness and motivating more people to act to support their cause. We have worked with many well-known charities to produce quality advertising materials that are eye-catching, inspiring and ultimately provoke people to take action.

Catalogue Design

We will work with you to produce a catalogue that works hard for your cause and can help you with layout, design, photography and copy to ensure that your catalogue makes an impressive impact.

Email design

Creating a successful email campaign is a massive challenge. However, our experience in email template design can help keep your audience excited, engaged and responsive.

Direct Mail design

We will work hard to deliver the ROI you hoped for and can help ensure that your Direct Mail makes the recipient take notice of what you have to say and encourages them to respond positively to your messaging.

Insert & Door Drop Design

We understand that charities often use insert and door drop materials to get their message out there and inspire people to act. We treat each project with the unique, personalised care and attention it deserves to ensure that recipients are left with a lasting impression.

Website design

Our website is where you can showcase the fantastic work you do, spark people’s interest and lead them to get involved, donate or sign up to find out more. Our expert web designers will ensure that every person who lands on your site is encouraged to discover more about your charity and leads them on a seamlessly smooth journey to do whatever it is you want them to.

Example of our work with charities.

We have worked with fantastic charities like WWF, doing important work across the world. On our first project with them, we tackled the subject of deforestation.

Working closely with the response team, we were able to produce an inventive format, delivering above forecast.

We still work on various projects in various channels for WWF, including page advertising, inserts and digital banners.

Some of the people who believe in us.

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