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Here at Paper & Pixels, we provide professional and high quality photography services. Whether you require photography services for a product or service; for a website, a brochure, an email or any other marketing collateral we can help you. Photography is a universal language that all can understand – no matter what language the audience speaks, therefore the impact can be huge.

We can shoot high resolution images for you to use on your marketing collateral that presents the way you want it to. We have just under 20 years experience in producing stunning photography for our clients both in studio and on location. Offering an end to end process, we can coordinate the entire shoot for you.

The process.

The way we work depends on you, the client. Whether you prefer to work to a more formal guidance, or if you would rather take on a more informal approach we can do both! We’ll work with you in whichever way suits you best. However, we have four simple steps that we take to ensure a smooth and seamless project process:

Step 1: The Brief

In order to make for a seamless project, we initially ask for a brief from our clients. This way we can gather all of the information that you can provide. In turn, this ensures that both us, at Pixels & Paper and you, the client can be confident from the start.

The brief should include a detailed description of your company and its main goals, an idea of what you wish to achieve and what your target customer is. At this early stage in the project this information is vital as we can then adapt the way we work to suit your desired audience and objectives for the project.

Step 2: Our Recommendations

Following the brief, we will digest this and ensure that we understand your business, your objectives and your target demographic. After this, we will then propose the best formats and ideas we have for your photography project.

Sometimes a new, fresh set of eyes can help and we might suggest photographing a product or service you offer in a completely different way – something that you may not have thought of. Or, we may suggest some extra content or new graphics to complement the photography and further explain your service or product. Whatever the photography, we will explain all of this is in step 3 of the project phase.

Step 3: Concept Pages

From your brief and our subsequent recommendations, we will provide you with the first draft of the agreed photography pieces, ready for approval. This is the step where things start to get exciting and we will begin to see the project move from an initial recommendation to a visual representation of the final project!

More importantly, this step also highlights how important it was to provide us with as much information as possible in the initial steps. In doing this we can create a project as close to the end result as possible in Step 4.

Our goal is to make the end to end photography project seamless, so we don’t want a drawn out process with unnecessary back and forth. We believe that with great communication, we will achieve what we want to in the final project.

Step 4: Sign Off & Full Production

After the final concept pages have been signed off by you, the client we will start final project of your photography shoot. We will take into consideration any any points that were highlighted in the initial brief. This is where the hard work comes together and the project really comes to life. We take all of the information and research we have gathered over the previous steps and put it into one united product.

Example of our photography.

One of our favourite photography projects was for The Royal British Legion. For this project we were approached to redesign the British Legion catalogue, improving and retaking current photography to give the product life.

Some of the people who believe in us .

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