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Here at Paper & Pixels we provide professional and high quality design services. Whether you require design for a product or service; for a website, a catalogue, an email or any other marketing collateral, we can help you. Design is a powerful tool which can be used universally to interject messages to consumers, increasing brand awareness and creating an impact.

We have two decades of experience in producing performance focused design for our clients, concentrating on the science of creative and fixated on driving more sales and return on investment.

With years of data and testing we have expert know-how for constructing design features that encompass your businesses needs. We have a team of dedicated design experts who have a natural eye for capturing ideas and inspiration and turning them into exquisite creative.

Every design decision must be made with a specific audience in mind and it must deliver the features and benefits of our clients product in the most effective and compelling way.

Our design services.

Whether you prefer to work to a more formal guidance, of if you would rather take on a more informal approach we can work together to formulate a process you are happy with.

Depending on the service you need, our design team will mould their expert skills to ensure a smooth and seamless project process – with strong and compelling design being the outcome!

Direct Mail & Catalogue Design

The role of the catalogue and direct mail has changed over the years, and it now used more to drive customers online and less as a direct sales piece. But, they still very much have a strong role to play as part of a multi-channel marketing mix. With this in mind, our design team treat every page with care and attention, not falling into the trap of churning out pages to hit deadlines.

With years of experience we have learnt that applying a responsive design approach to every single project and page we receive is the key to producing stunning design, which both us and our clients are proud of. We combine clever layouts with bold visual to produce award winning design for catalogues and direct mail. Be inspired by Paper & Pixels and trust us to produce outstanding design by requesting a free review of your creative, where we will give free concepts for you to take away.

Insert, Door Drop & Home Design

Inserts and door drops have to work harder than other design in order to gain attention. They have a very short window to catch the attention of the recipient and therefore, their design has to be bold and strong. First appearance, messaging and strength of offer is absolutely key and our design team will work hard to ensure this is at the heart of every creative we produce for our clients.

Paper & Pixels are specialists in both channels and our expert team will introduce you to new and unique methods and design formats to make sure your campaign has the best chance of success. Designing is a process we are very proud of and every case we work on will obtain the same high level of attention to detail to ensure it is the best it can be. We will work closely with you to create design concepts that match your businesses needs, producing powerful marketing tools for you to use.

Press & Magazine Design

Page advertising is used for customer acquisition, a type of marketing that can be an art form. The design surrounding the page has to flow and compel customers to interact with the message that is being shared. The presentation of this offer or product must work with a bold headline and persuasive copy. Our design team will work hard to maintain smooth creative across all platforms, producing on-page advertising which will see high return.

We have been producing winning advertising for nearly two decades, and have case studies that prove our design creative has produced significant uplift is customer sales. The design team at Paper & Pixels will keep ROI at the forefront of every decision, dedicating their work to provide strong sales and attracting new customers.

E-mail & Web Design

E-mail and online design creative has become ever more important for businesses, customers and users are increasingly searching online for solutions and products. We believe similar principles apply to producing successful design whether it is on a printed page or on the digital screen. This gives our design team an advantage on many other design agencies who solely work on the online world.

We have taken our twenty years of experience in direct response print design and transferred it to the online creative design we produce. Paper & Pixels design team will channel their dedication to producing remarkably detailed design and encompass every clients requirements to ensure that web creative see strong and powerful results.

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