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Here at Paper & Pixels, we are copywriting specialists. Copywriting can be the key to delivering the right message and ensuring that your email, website or other marketing collateral works to the fullest of its potential. 

A piece of creative design can look great, but if it doesn’t have a compelling headline and effective copy then it will not work as it should. We have all been in the situation at some point where a specific headline or tagline has caught our eye – making us look at the ad, email or website that little bit longer.

With clever, coy approaches such as the power of 3 and subtle emotive language, we can help you connect with your potential audience.

Bringing together design with content, words can evoke all sorts of emotions and therefore good copywriting can be a powerful source to connect with potential and existing customers to motivate, impress and persuade.

The process.

We have a team of copywriters who have a natural flair for writing. Our team of writers both internal and external have been writing top notch, winning copy for over two decades and work in tandem with our design team to produce the most responsive creative.

The way we work depends on you, the client. Whether you prefer to work to a more formal guidance, or if you would rather take on a more informal approach we can do both! We’ll work with you in whichever way suits you best. However, we have four simple steps that we take to ensure a smooth and seamless project process:

Step 1: The Brief

For the copywriting process, the way we work depends on you, the client. Whether you prefer to work to a more formal guidance, or if you would rather take on a more informal approach, we can do both! We’ll work with you in whichever way suits you best.

Initially we will request a brief from you. This should include a detailed description of your company and its main goals, an idea of what you are hoping to achieve from this copywriting project and what you target customer demographic is. At this early stage it is crucial that we know everything about your target customer demographics and your objectives for the project so that we can adapt our copywriting tone of voice and language to suit your desired audience.

This initial step is also extremely important in our early stage research process, this give us an in-depth insight into your company and organisation. Before we carry out any extended research about the topic in question, we need to understand the goals and objectives you would like to achieve so that we can incorporate this into the project.

Our first step is your chance to tell us the USP’s of your company. How do you stand out from the rest? What makes you unique? If there are any key or important messages we need to get across, this is also the time to let us know! All of the details we collect in the first stage of the process ensure we can make your Copywriting project as successful as possible and produce the best potential ROI!

Step 2: Our Recommendations

We will then review your brief. After this has been completed, we will then propose the best formats and ideas we have for your copywriting project.

It may be that we suggest splitting the project up into different sections and expand to give it the exposure it needs, improving ROI. On the other hand, you may need some visual graphics to tie together the content and the design, so we may suggest some ‘nice to have’ graphics as a possibility.

Step 3: Concept Pages

From your brief and our subsequent recommendations, we will provide you with first draft of the agreed content pieces, ready for approval. This is the step where things start to get exciting, as we will begin to see the project come to life. This step will also show how important it was to provide us with as much information as possible in the initial steps, so that we create a project together that suits your brand, requirements and budget.

Our goal is to make the whole copywriting process seamless, so we won’t want a drawn out process where there’s unnecessary back and forth. We believe that communication is key and if we can get on the same level as the client from step 1, we’ll be able to create concept pages that will be close to the final product.

Step 4: Sign Off & Full Production

After the content has been signed off by you the client, we start full production of your content with due attention to the products or services we agreed on in the initial stages. This is where the hard work of both sides comes together, taking all the information we’ve gathered over previous steps, putting it all together into one cohesive product.

Example of our copywriting service.

One of our favourite projects to work on has been the RSPB. We have been producing their catalogue for over 5 years, and since we took them on, we have delivered a significant increase in sales and vastly improved the look and feel of their catalogue.

We arrange two location photo-shoots a year, producing stunning lifestyle photography for use both on the web and the catalogue. As well as the catalogue that we produce up to 8 times a year, we also create and deliver all the shop e-mail marketing, web banners, direct mail, insert and much much more.

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