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At Paper & Pixels, we not only produce inventive creative designs for online use, we also deal with Out of Home advertising, too. Although the world has changed over the last half a century with our move towards digital, there is still something to be said for advertising that targets users away from the home. An eye-catching out of home campaign can really get people talking, but it can also spread to the digital world in the form of articles and pictures on social media.

Out of home design can come in many different forms, but whether it’s billboard advertising, street furniture or even point of sale displays, we can help.

While working with Screwfix, we were able to create some fantastic out of home advertising, including billboards and point of sale displays, ensuring that Screwfix could effectively spread awareness for their products.Whatever kind of out of home advertising you need for your company, we can work closely with you to create an eye catching display which will spread your company to a wide range of potential customers in many different locations.

The process.

Here at Paper & Pixels, we have formed a simple and easy process that we carry out for each and every client. Over the many years we’ve been producing out of home advertising, we’ve created a four step approach, making the whole process stress-free for you, the client:

Step 1: The Brief

In this first step, we want to know as much as we can about your company; what’s your company’s USP? Who are your current customers and what kind of customers would you like to target? What are you goals or ROI for out of home advertising? How frequently do you advertise offline, if at all?

This is the discovery phase of the project. We want to know as much as we can so that we can create an out of home advertising campaign that will provide you with the best ROI, whether that’s in the form of product sales, enquiries or new sign ups to your website or charity.

Step 2: Our Recommendations

Once we’ve got a grasp of your company and various goals, we will get to work coming up with recommendations. This is our brainstorming phase, and where we try to be as creative as possible, giving you something unique but also personalised.

All of our recommendations are personalised to each company, rather than using a cookie cutter approach.

Step 3: Concept Pages

After we’ve provided you with recommendations, and these are signed off, we get to work on creating a draft version of your out of home advertising. This is where you see the importance of steps 1 and 2, because with the information we have and the recommendations that come out of this, we’ll be able to better create something that will hopefully be close to the finished product. We wouldn’t want to get to the final step and have to start from square one because it doesn’t feel on-brand.

Step 4: Sign Off & Full Production

Once we’ve completed the concepts, we can move into the final stage of signing everything off and go into full production.

This is where the hard work pays off, and you can take this out of home advertising and place it proudly in front of potential customers locally, nationally and even globally.

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