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Here at Paper & Pixels, we are insert and door drop design specialists. Our sole focus is to design a material that will deliver the best possible return on investment for your company. The key to successful insert and door drop design is to treat every single element with care, attention and precision, and not fall into the trap of churning out ideas to a fixed template in order to hit a deadline.

Our insert and door drop design focuses on each and every product, its unique selling points and benefits to the customer and we make sure the creative is working as hard as possible. Over the years, we have learnt that there is a science to responsive door drop design, and we apply that to every insert we produce. We combine clever layouts with the addition of stunning photography and compelling copy to produce award winning designs for our clients. Insert and Door Drops have to work hard to succeed in a congested market place. They are generally competing with other offers and only have a very short timespan to be registered and absorbed by their intended audience.

Paper & Pixels expert team have almost twenty years experience of designing strong headlines, intriguing straplines, captivating offers and immersive imagery. Standout can be achieved not only with creative, but with the format that the creative sits within and our team can share some key insights into what formats really perform and how these can be used. Our focus and drive to deliver impressive results will give your advert the best possible chance to succeed and make an impact on your customers.

Don’t miss out on our offer to review your inserts or door drops as part of a design workshop. We will produce some new and exciting designs, for free, for you to take away and consider. This will give you an opportunity to discover how the whole process works, and what sort of work we can produce. We’re extremely proud of the inserts and door drops we’ve created and the process that we’ve shaped along the way, so we’re always looking to find new challenges to tackle.

The process.

Over the many years we’ve been producing insert and door drops, we’ve created a process that we carry out for each client. There are four simple steps, making the whole process simple and easy:

Step 1: The Brief

Initially, we will request a brief from you, which should include a description of your company and its main goals, an idea of what you’re looking for and also what you hope to achieve with insert and door drops. Most importantly we ask for a detailed description of your customer demographic, it absolutely key that we know everything about who we are talking to so that we can mould the creative and messaging to create maximum appeal for your audience.

This initial step is extremely important, as it gives us an in depth view of your company, charity or organisation, and helps us to hone in on exactly what will help you the most. We want to make sure that your insert and door drop design gives the best return on investment, and knowing everything we can about your company and customer will make this process quicker, easier and more fruitful.

This is also your chance to tell us what makes your company stand out from the rest, what are its key usp’s, and top line messages that we need to get across. All this detail ensures we can make your insert and door drop work as hard as possible and produce the best possible ROI!

Step 2: Our Recommendations

After we review your brief, we can then suggest the best possible formats and options for your insert and door drops. It may be that you need to share more information about a product, service or charity, and so more room on the page will be allocated to exciting, persuasive and captivating copy that will give you the opportunity to really shout about your company. On the other hand, you may need a predominantly visual insert or door drop that really shows off your product, and so this is something that we’ll take into account.

At this step, if photography is required for your products or service, we organise the relevant photo-shoot required. This is important for the next stage, as we can think about the best way to compile all of this information and content together to make compelling concept pages for your business.

Step 3: Concept Pages

From your brief and our subsequent recommendations, we will produce concept insert and door drop spreads for you to consider. This is where things get exciting in our design service, as you can start to see your insert and door drop concepts come to life. It will also show how important it was to provide us with the information in the initial brief, as the more we understand your company and its needs, the better we can create something that will exactly match what you were looking for.

Our goal is to make the whole insert and door drop design process simple, quick and easy, and so we don’t want a long, drawn out process where there’s an unnecessary back and forth. If we can get on the same level as the client from step 1, we’ll be able to create concept pages that will be close to the final product.

Step 4: Sign Off & Full Production

After the concept pages have been signed off by the client, we start full production of your insert and door drops with care and attention given to every single product or service. This is where the hard work of both sides really comes together, taking all the information and concepts we’ve gathered over previous steps and putting it together into one cohesive product.

At this step, we can also arrange the best possible print and mailing services for your insert and door drops so that they’ll arrive in time, looking stunning.

Example of our insert & door drop design services.

Paper & Pixels have worked with SSE for over three years, fine tuning their off the page advert creative. Our initial work together created significant uplift in response but we continued to innovate and make improvements to their door drop campaigns to outperform and drive the best possible response.

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