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Email marketing can be a tricky channel to succeed in. One too few or one too many emails, along with a badly designed or poorly timed email, can lose you a valuable customer. Here at Paper & Pixels, we are well versed in how to create a fantastic email template that can be used to let customers know about a new product, service or campaign.

Whether you’ve struggled with click-through rate, or have just been unable to effectively push your brand message within your email campaigns, we can help. With a breadth of experience, within marketing, we’ve picked up many different tricks of the trade to effectively push your services and products through email.

But, whilst you do want to use every marketing technique possible to grab the users attention, you don’t want to lose your brands identity.

More now than ever, users are becoming more savvy to old school marketing, and so you must be honest and transparent with the content you use within the email, while really shouting about your company; this is where we shine.

The process.

Here at Paper & Pixels, we have formed a streamlined process that we carry out for each client. Over the many years we’ve been producing email templates and designs, we’ve created this four step approach, making the whole process simple and easy for you, the client:

Step 1: The Brief

In this first step, we need to know as much as we can about your company; what’s your company’s USP? Who are your customers? What are you goals or ROI? How frequently do you send out emails to your customers?

Once we get a better understanding of your company, customers and your internal goals, we can give better, more in depth recommendations for your email design. This means that when you’re presented with our concepts, we won’t have to go back two steps because it doesn’t seem to be on brand.

Step 2: Our Recommendations

Once we have a good understanding of your company and goals, we can get to work on our recommendations. We try to tailor our recommendations to your brand, ensuring that the email will work best for the type of product or service your company is promoting.

We’ll also take into account seasonal changes for your company, and any special campaigns you might be doing. We want to ensure your emails are unique and will stand out, but will also have all the necessary information within it.

Step 3: Concept Pages

After we come up with a range of recommendations, we will share these and then move on to the concept designs. This is where we use all the information we’ve gained to create an email template which will work for the company, driving sales, calls or sign-ups. This is by no means a closed process; we will share these concepts with you, the company, ensuring we’re on the right track.

Step 4: Sign Off & Full Production

After the concept pages have been reviewed and signed off, we move into producing the email templates. This is where all of the work from steps 1 through to 3 really pays off, and allows us to quickly and easily create a fantastic email template for your company.

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