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Here at Paper & Pixels, we are Direct Mail design specialists. Our sole focus is to design you a direct mail piece that will deliver the best possible return on your investment. We understand that Direct Mail should create intrigue and interest, as it will be competing with other received mail, and so it needs to stand out in a crowd. We can achieve that with our unique formats and stand out messaging.

Over the years we have learnt unique ways to use clever formats and a unique use of personalisation to persuade the recipient to open, read on and eventually purchase your product or sign up to your service or charity.

A piece of direct mail often only has seconds to grab the interest of the resident and avoid being discarded, therefore the outer creative has to carry that necessary intrigue to get noticed and to get opened. Once opened the piece must deliver a flow and and keep the recipients interest. Of course what is on offer must be strong and compelling and it’s our job to make this offer work as hard as possible to convert to a sale.

We’re extremely proud of the Direct Mail we’ve created and the process that we’ve shaped along the way, so we’re always looking to find new challenges to tackle.

The process.

Here at Paper & Pixels we have formed a unique process that we carry out for each client. Over the many years we’ve been producing Direct Mail we’ve created four simple steps, making the whole process simple and easy:

Step 1: The Brief

To begin with, we will request a brief from you, which should include a detailed description of your company and its main goals, an idea of what you’re looking for and hope to achieve through Direct Mail. In addition, we will ask for a thorough description of your customer demographic. It is vital that we know everything about who you want to target so that we can uniquely adapt the creative and design of Direct Mail in order to create maximum appeal to your desired audience.

This initial step is extremely important in our Direct Mail process, as it gives us an in depth view of your company or organisation. This enables us to concentrate our focus on exactly what will help you most and suggest the best possible formats and options for your unique Direct Mail piece. Knowing everything that we can about your company and customers will make this process quicker, easier and ensure your Direct Mail gives the best return on investment.

At this stage we will also organise the relevant photoshoot if photography is required for your services. Your Direct Mail needs to stand out and grab attention and powerful imagery is key for those precious seconds to gain interest.

Our first step is your chance to tell us what makes your company stand out from the rest and what makes you unique. If there are any key or important messages we need to get across, this is also the time to make them heard. All the details we collect through the first stage of the process ensure we can make your Direct Mail as successful as possible and produce the best potential ROI!

Step 2: Our Recommendations

We will review your brief and from this, we can suggest and produce the best possible formats and design concepts for you to consider for Direct Mail. For these predominantly visual materials we will captivate imagery that really shows off your product, creating a compelling channel for your business.

However, it may be that you need to share more information about a service or product, and if so more room will be allocated to persuasive, exciting and bold text that will provide you with the opportunity to quickly and effectively shout about your company.

Step 3: Concept Pages

From your brief and our subsequent recommendations, we will agreed on a Direct Mail concept to sign off. This is where we will start full production of your Direct Mail piece, with care and attention given to every single piece of material. This is the step in the process where things start to get exciting, seeing your Direct Mail come to life! Seeing your Direct Mail take shape will also illustrate how important it was to provide Paper & Pixels with the information in the initial brief. You will see that the more we understand your company and its needs, the more successfully we can uniquely create Direct Mail that will exactly match what you were looking for.

Our aim is to make the whole Direct Mail design process quick, easy and simple! Being able to obtain the in-depth information we need effectively without creating a long, drawn out process with unnecessary back and forth. If we can work together to ensure Paper & Pixels and our clients are on the same page from step 1, we will be able to create concept Direct Mail material that will be close to the final product.

Step 4: Sign Off & Full Production

Our final step in the process will begin with our concept pages signed off by the client. Once this is done, we can start full production of your Direct Mail. We promise to build your materials with care and attention, ensuring every single product is created to our high standards. This stage is where the hard work from both sides really comes together to produce outstanding results, taking all the information and concepts we have worked together to gather over previous steps and putting it all together to produce one uniquely cohesive Direct Mail product.

At this final stage we can also arrange the best possible print and mailing services for your Direct Mail, to make certain they will arrive on time, looking stunning.

Example of our direct mail design service .

We have worked with charities like WWF and The big Issue producing donor appeal direct mail for many years. Since we took on this work we have delivered above and beyond target and introduced new formats and ideas, improving the look and feel throughout the materials. Mixing, infographics with hard hitting imagery and messaging, we take the recipient on a compelling journey which ends in compelling call to action.

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