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the best ROI for your catalogue .

As catalogue design specialists, our sole aim is to design your catalogue to deliver the best possible return on your investment.

To do this we focus on each and every one of your products and their unique selling points and benefits and then communicate these clearly to your customer or prospect.

Due to the multi-page nature of a catalogue it can be easy for an agency to fall in to the trap of designing to a template. However, we understand that each and every page has an associated cost to you (in print, postage etc), and therefore it’s vital that each page works as hard as possible to maximise your sales.

Over the years, we have learnt that there is a science to responsive catalogue design, and we apply that to every page. Combining strategic layouts with stunning photography and compelling copy to produce award winning catalogues for our clients.

Take advantage of our offer to review your catalogue FREE as part of a catalogue design workshop. This will be your own bespoke workshop complete with re-designed pages from your latest catalogue for you to keep and consider. It will be a workshop full of new ideas and visuals and give you an opportunity to discover a fresh approach and gain insight into our service.

    The process .

    Over the many years we’ve been designing catalogues, we’ve created and fine-tuned a process that we follow for each client. There are four simple steps, to this easy and effective process:

    Step 1: The Brief

    Initially, we will request a brief from you, which should include a description of your company and its main goals, an idea of what you’re looking for and also what you hope to achieve with the catalogue. And most importantly we ask for a detailed description of your customer demographic, it absolutely key that we know everything about who we are talking so that we can mould the creative and messaging to create maximum appeal for your audience.

    This initial step is vital, as it gives us an in-depth view of your company, and helps us to hone in on exactly what will help you the most. We want to make sure that your catalogue gives you the best return on investment, and knowing everything we can about your company and customer will make this process faster and the end result stronger and more compelling to your audience.

    This is also your chance to tell us what makes your company stand out from the rest, what are its key USP’s, and top line messages that we need to get across. All this detail ensures we can make your catalogue work as hard as possible and produce the best possible ROI!

    And finally, at this stage will plan in the catalogue design process through to delivery and also schedule in the various touch points throughout the process.

    Step 2: Our Recommendations

    After we review your brief, we will suggest the best possible formats and options for your catalogue. We can advise on the print, postage options and if inserting, the best media rates. If photography is a requirement, we can organise the relevant photo-shoot and co-ordinate everything from the location through to the props and stylist. In terms of the actual catalogue pages themselves we will

    first advise on the flow of the catalogue, where to place your best sections and how they should flow. Then we will consider the best product density and product placement for your products. Every detail will be considered before starting on the actual design concepts and visuals.

    Step 3: Concept Pages

    From your brief and our subsequent recommendations, we will produce concept catalogue spreads for you to consider. This is where things really get exciting in our catalogue design service, as you can start to see your catalogue come to life. It will also show how important it was to provide us with the information in the initial brief, as the more we understand your company and its need, the better we can create something that will exactly match your requirements. Our concepts will cover the various scenarios of a catalogue page, including Low to high densities, feature pages and covers. Once the catalogue design concepts are signed off we move into full production.

    Step 4: Sign Off & Full Production

    After the concept pages have been signed off, we start full production of your catalogue with care and attention given to every single product or service. We have tried and trusted methods that make the production process fluid. All we ask is 1 or 2 main points of contact from your side that are readily available. We generally work to a three proof system and schedule deadlines for each proof supply and the return of amends.

    Once sign off of the artwork is complete, we prepare the print ready files and deliver to your selected printer. Then you just have to sit back and wait for your stunning printed catalogues and for them to be mailed to your customers and prospects

    Example of our catalogue design service .

    A favourite project in the Paper & Pixels studio is the RSPB catalogue. We have been producing their catalogue for over 5 years, and since joining forces, we have delivered a significant increase in sales and vastly improved the look and feel of their catalogue.

    We arrange two location photo-shoots a year, producing stunning lifestyle photography for use on both the web and catalogue. As well as the catalogue that we produce up to 8 times a year, we also create and deliver all the shop e-mail marketing, web banners, direct mail, insert and much more.

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