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A slick, smart brochure should be enticing, informative, persuasive and practical. At Paper & Pixels, we have the knowledge, expertise, passion, and experience to create a brochure that perfectly captures the essence of your business and ethos, as well as showcasing your products and services to make them as appealing as possible to the reader.

We understand that every business is different, and even those operating in the same sectors have their own unique way of doing things. So when crafting a brochure we prefer to take a tailored approach, offer a bespoke service and ensure that we capture your individuality, personality, and USPs so that your business stands out ahead of the rest of your competition.

Whatever business you’re in, our talented, specialist team can help to design, produce, format, and finish a beautifully crafted brochure that showcases the best of your business and its offering.

Despite the convenience, compactness, and speed in which you can deliver digital marketing and information, there is nothing quite as impactful as a carefully curated brochure to impress and persuade your target audience – and that’s where we can help.

    The process .

    We have simplified our brochure design into a four-step process that allows us to work openly and productively with our clients to make sure that the end product is the very best it can be:

    Step 1: The Brief

    Initially, all our projects start off the same, and that’s by working with our clients to encourage them to provide an informative and useful brief containing information that will help to guide us through the creative design process.

    We want to know what’s important to you. This could be your goals and targets, your budgets, deadlines and any other information you can provide. This is to give us some idea of the direction as well as your hopes for the finished product. We’ll use this to begin to brainstorm creative ideas, experiment with different designs and layouts and come up with some concept options for your brochure.

    Step 2: Our Recommendations

    From the brief and our initial brainstorming sessions we’ll discuss recommendations for you with regards to the content, concept, imagery, design, layout, and formatting for your brochure. By sharing our ideas at this early stage we can make sure our vision aligns with yours and that we capture everything you want to include in your brochure and get your branding and messaging spot on too.

    Step 3: Concept Pages

    Sending you concept pages will allow you to better understand the direction which we think would work best for your brochure and give you the opportunity to give you feedback on our work so that we can finalise the design and make sure that the finished product is exactly what you want it to be.

    Step 4: Sign Off & Full Production

    At this final stage, we’ll send you the polished, formatted, finalised version of your brochure for sign off. We understand the importance of getting this absolutely perfect as you won’t want any hold ups or delays, and the sooner we can deliver your brochure for you to use, the better.

    That’s why we’ll always be clear and responsive in our communication with you, and will work hard to get the concept as near to perfect as we can from the get-go. We will make certain that when we do deliver the final product it is done so on time, in budget and beautifully highlights your business and the products and services you offer.

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