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Two great brands did…

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catalogues, otp, inserts, point-of-sale, email
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A refined and re-engineered RSPB catalogue design combined with inspirational photography pushed
the creative to new limits. Result: Sales in some areas increased by 100%

“Paper & Pixels’s philosophy is different from other design agencies: it seems it isn’t just about design and aesthetics for them, it’s about communication and using their design to communicate what’s desirable about the product they are selling. The pages not only look so much better, they are working harder”
John Hodge – Mail order and e-commerce manager

The re-engineered British Legion catalogue made more of Royal Mail PIP by increasing the page size. The product heirachy was challenged making more room for the Hero products, photography completely re-visited and lifestyle shots introduced to give the product life.
Result: The RBL shop beat the whole of previous years sales in the first 3 months directly after the catalogue mailing, leading to their best ever year in terms of revenue.

Selling more product with scientific creative.